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Simply the the best at everything. everyone wants Yancy, women, mom's,grandmas, your sister. truth of the matter is if he hasn't fucked her yet he will! Simply state #1
Male: I hate Jon he's a fucking "Yancy". don't share no pussy

Female: I know he's a Yancy but hes so hot i have to fuck him too.
by Royalist August 07, 2009
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The coolest guy ever, your an idiot if you hate him, and even more of an idiot if you think your even close to as cool as him. Said to be gay from other definitions when in truth it's not yancy that's gay it's the people around yancy who would go gay just to be with him cuz he's such a beast. Incredibly nice people use this to their advantage, but in the end every1 wants a piece of yancy.
Guy: Wow Yancy will you be my best friend? Yancy: No i don't even know you. Guy: I know but when i see you i wish you were gay so i could get with you.
by the mannn June 13, 2009
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Feminine or overly girlish male. Often being flamboyant or girly, or looking very feminine.

Used often by people of a british isles origin, this term is a variant of the name Nancy, a similar insult for a feminine or weak male.
Did you see Ben with that stupid hair and all that leather and fishnets? He's such a yancy boy.
by Promodo June 26, 2004
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Derived from the name of a character in the 2004 movie The Sleepover, the term "Yancy" has come to mean many different things.

yancying, yancy'd
1. to finish the food off someone else's plate

2. to eat a large amount of food (e.g. a cake) in a short period of time.


pl. -ies
1. a fatass; one who prefers brownies to celery.

(adj) 1. pertaining to or being characteristic of a fatass; used in conjunction with the word "so" (that's so ~, she's so ~, etc.)
Kristen ate four pieces of pizza and a whole cake for lunch? What a Yancy...
by tiki_necklace August 20, 2009
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She is a girl who is immotional but most of the people doesn't know it. She is creative . She is very helpful. People feel good in her presence.
I like Yancy, hmmm i .....
by Yannu July 09, 2018
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