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Doesn't have to try to get attention it just naturally gravitates toward her. Very beautiful and has many things going for her from beautiful hair to an amazing figure that other girls would kill for. Captivating smile that makes you want to smile too. When she enters a room all eyes are on her. Very talkative and funny a social butterfly. A very loyal friend and partner, trusts fully, honest, sweet, flirt, caring. Once you have her cherish her. One in a million.
yamilet has such pretty hair, I'm jealous!
by Edward8573 October 14, 2012
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Yamilet (Yah MEEL et) means "beautiful". She's the type of girl that captures attention wherever she goes for having beautiful hair, personality, and an amazing body. Yamilet for being a unique name makes her one in a million. Everyone seems to love her for being sweet, helpful, outgoing, and the prettiest. Her angelic face makes everyone want to stare. Yamilet is an Arabic and Swahili name.
Yamilet is here! Look at her, she's walking in. Wow!
by Lilililililililil000 July 18, 2011
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Una chamaca chiclosa que esta enamorada de un morro llamado Gilberto. Esa chamaca fea que fuma cocaina y le gusta hacer se pendeja en la escuela;)
tengo hambre haz me un omeletteyamilet;)
by Urbffsfromspanish October 02, 2018
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