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Good looking, talented, extremely sexy, kind hearted and loving. Has nice butt in football pants. Loves God and his family. Good to everyone who comes into his life. Numero Uno...
I want to be a Gilberto when I grow up.
by IWannaFooFoo May 17, 2008
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A Gilberto is an eccentric m/f who usually has dark hair, and is music obsessed. They are of hispanic or brazilian origin, but defy the odds and fully educate themselves. A Gilberto is unique because of their name. As soon as their parents named them, and put them in American schools, they were socially doomed, and turned to music and literature for refuge.
Gilberto Gil
Astrud Gilberto
Bebel Gilberto
Gilberto Câmara
by admiergal September 03, 2005
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That one kid in class who's super annoying and stupid. Every relationship with him won't last long, he's not even attractive.
That kid was such a Gilberto, I hope I'll never meet him again
by You just got roasted February 02, 2017
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A sexy mother fucker who makes girls wet,normally has sex twice a month and is a jerk sometimes,He makes girls have love at first sight.Gilberto is the kind of guy who ownes a vape,juul or suorin.Gilbertos are vapegods and very hot.
Damn did u see the sexy motherfucker of Gilberto hit that fat rip from his juul.I love gilberto
by SWEEYDADDYS May 07, 2018
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The best friend anyone could ever ask for.
Always has the best memes and will make you laugh at any moment. He’s always there for you no matter who you are. Gives really good hugs. Talking to him is easily the highlight of anyone’s day. He would be such a great boyfriend. He’s so easy to fall in love with. He’s sexy, cute, and charming af. Even when he won’t tell his friend who he likes he’s impossible to get mad at. He’s also an amazing fortnite buddy. All in all he’s the best person you’ll ever meet. ALSO HAS AMAZING EDGES! Lol even though he doesn’t always know it, he’s a pretty cool dude.
Gilberto is King of memes.
Gilberto is the bait.
Alexis says Gilberto is one of/ her best friend.
by T.W.I.Z.Z.L.E April 05, 2018
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