A Glaswegian expression used to show excitement over a subject, topic or upcoming event. This term can also be used when exhibiting glee towards something.

See also "yas"

This word can also be followed with the word bawdeep to intensify it's meaning.
Stephen is taking me to Tunisia for my birthday - yaldi!

My student loan comes in soon and I'm gonna spend it all wildly...yaldi!

We're gonna have amazing sex tonight - it's dress up day.... yaldi bawdeep!
by CLASS_A_BIRD January 5, 2010
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An expression used to mock someone, or used in celebration of one's pwning of another.
Gonk - Hey, that really hurt!
Sound guy - Yaldiiiiiiiiii!

Gonk #2 - Hey, did you watch that TV show last night?
Sound guy # 2 - *slaps* Yaldiiiiiiiii!
by Yaldi Man July 13, 2006
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Exclamation for when one is overjoyed with joy
Me: Hey Ted ive got grass
Ted: Yaldy

by The Scaff December 14, 2005
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Yaldie, a saying for excitement

Scottish for yes
Yaldie can be used in a sentence such as:

Aw yaldie av got me a pure mad mental bottle of bucky
by Yaldie May 31, 2016
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a term meaning giving 'a lot' or it 'large'
rosie and greig were giving it yaldi in the backseat!
by georgeyporgy June 27, 2007
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Scottish exclamation of overjoyment. Can be used as a greeting when you're pleased to see someone.
'Kin Yaldy! Dave! Fancy a brew?' OR 'Fancy a brew?' Reply - 'Kin Yaldy!
by N'Ball Queens March 9, 2009
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