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Yahia is the type of guy to just out compete any other person.He knows when somebody is truly distraught and will try to get rid of that sadness.He is the ultimate package and can cheer anyone up in a matter of seconds.He can run therapy classes perfectly to comfort you or anybody else.Be a Yahia
I want to be a Yahia when I grow up.
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by TSB July 01, 2019
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an amazing man with god like breath taking face and body. Never puts himself above anyone, you always come first .Strong , quick , talented will always support you even though might disagree on certain things but no matter what he is always there
Beautiful woman: who is that man

Beautiful woman 2: he is a god , HE IS YAHIA
by Don'tuseyourrealname July 22, 2012
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A very tall man who likes to flex his clothing and devices (ie airpods). He dates exclusively very short girls. He thinks he is the sexiest man in AP, but really comes in second to a Tyson. He is very beautiful in a way.
Man 1: Wow that guy is such a Yahia with his airpods and hoodie
Man 2: Yeah he is such a Yahia
by nyson May 20, 2019
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