Something that you call your nephew in the middle of a no swag summer, cuz he's not living healthy. A term of endearment sometimes (rarely), other times you just a bum.
"This is not a wig it's a fresh ass cut, I watch anime with bae and peel potatoes for lunch. I got no swag on me I can't say it enough and if you come to me with swag I'm not saying too much…YA BUM." - from the #1 healthy living individual Caleon Fox.
by Pablo_21 October 5, 2016
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Being so mad at someone when you see them you want to pick them up and throw them on top of a kettle top.
Man this bitch be trippin, I'm bout to kettle-cook ya bum when she walk in.
by Brookegivsrimjobs2kitty April 2, 2016
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When someone/something is running around all silly or crazy
Mum to kid running around "You Got wind up ya bum!"

The cats got wind up its bum!
by Shazzwazza January 29, 2015
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