Do you even lift
Guy 1: Ughh my muscles are so small
Guy 2: YODEL
by augzinator April 01, 2013
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When you're living in the UK or Ireland, and you're waiting for something to be delivered, but then you realise that it's being delivered by the courier company "Yodel", which is basically synonymous with it never being delivered at all. Being Yodelled is like losing loved one, you know it happens, but you can never understand why, and nobody has the answers.
"Didn't you order a new LED TV? Why are we still watching Netflix on your laptop?"
"Yeah I did, but it got Yodelled, so what can you do? Either the driver got himself a free home cinema or it wound up in a ditch somewhere, but either way I'll never see it"
by Beyodelled August 11, 2018
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A braggart, but most typically defined as a overly loud, obnoxious and flamboyant NY Giants fan. A fair weather fan
You can't go to a New York bar in the fall on a Sunday without a bunch of Yodels being ridiculous and out of hand.
by Mosha Picture February 13, 2012
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one who makes annoying, mind-numbing sounds. usually associated with the drunk british of willygoatston.
that yodeler is dyslexic.
by monn-unit July 22, 2006
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1) A type of singing from the Swiss and Austrian alps.
2)To be sick, to vomit, to chunder, to Blow Chunks.

Can also be spelt Yodle?
1)The Von Trapp family was sick of the yodeling in the distance.
2)Lisa's been drinking all night, she's sure to chunder if she smokes a spliff.
by Fatma Joe July 04, 2004
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n. used interjectionally in greeting in place of the word "yo" originally coined to belittle hip-hop "culture" this word has risen above and beyond it's intentions as it is now adopted by the sect it is used to ridicule. archaic: a singing style popularized in the mountain regions of Europe.
"what it is yodel?"

"awright then yodel, holla at churr boy"

"ahahahaha, i just heard that "thug" say 'yodel'"
by tehdubbid May 30, 2006
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