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n. used interjectionally in greeting in place of the word "yo" originally coined to belittle hip-hop "culture" this word has risen above and beyond it's intentions as it is now adopted by the sect it is used to ridicule. archaic: a singing style popularized in the mountain regions of Europe.
"what it is yodel?"

"awright then yodel, holla at churr boy"

"ahahahaha, i just heard that "thug" say 'yodel'"
by tehdubbid May 30, 2006
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adj. having the potential to ruin the faces off those who oppose you. an action or circumstance marked by a sense of despair. an object that is highly desirable, to the point of causing extreme jealousy in others.
"dood, back up... i got a ruinous backhand and you're testing my limits"

"in a ruinous turn of events, Ryan's dad decided to accompany the young couple on their camping trip."

"omg man... this chocolate cake you made... it's effin ruinous"
by tehdubbid May 30, 2006
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