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The abbreviation of 'yoghurt on a stick', commonly used to reference people of a weird, odd or slightly eccentric disposition.
This saying is derived from the 2014 'Yollies' advert whereby, after being called weird, a yeti rebukes the Yollie with 'I'm weird? You're a yoghurt on a stick!'.
'That guy has a mullet and a waistcoat, what a YOAS'.
by proust42 January 31, 2018
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A complete badass who sets the standard for all others. Cannot be beaten. A man who can get all the ladies. A devoted man who will never leave your side. The coolest of all niggaz. A complete thug.
Yo, that's a badass chain, but not as badass as Yoas!!
by Thatkidyoyo May 05, 2014
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Abbreviation for "years of age." As in, how old someone is.
The child found to be illegally employed was only 14 y.o.a.
by 0based0 November 22, 2017
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