You'll Never Walk Alone. It's a song and moto of the soccer(English Football) club Liverpool.
The Liverpool supporters chanted YNWA song after their defeat against Manchester United.
by lukas irides January 1, 2015
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You never walk alone, it's a song.
Many football clubs play this song(YNWA) before the match, the crowd sings it too.
by Stefan16 October 10, 2006
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You'll Never Wank Alone
Typically added to the end of any rant by delirious scousers living on past glories so as to comfort other delirious scousers by letting them know other wankers are there for them
andy carrol iz da gretest strykr n d world
by 19not18...19;) July 17, 2011
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You will never win anything.
by looserpoolsux February 3, 2019
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It stands for you never walk alone.

It's a name of a new kpop (Korean pop) song by the group bts( Bang tan) who are currently very famous in Korea and many countries. There are 7 members in the group consisting of: jungkook, v, suga, rap monster, Jin, j-hope, jimin.

Which is from their new album which is like an epilogue to their previous album wings.
Have u heard bts new album ynwa?

It's so good.
by NCHL February 12, 2017
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An abbreviation associated with Liverpool FC.
Liverpool fans claim it means "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Though for anyone familiar with Liverpool's results for the past 3 decades, never actually having won the Premier League, it means "You'll Never Win Again"
- My team Liverpool came in 4th last season, and 8th in the season before that - I remember the glory days when we won the 1st Division back in '89.

- Yeah mate, YNWA.
by The Real Gentleman April 10, 2018
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Short for Young Niggas With Additude
Watch out! Those guys are YNWA!!
by Evanja April 17, 2016
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