Yuhon: I'm hungry, do you want to order pizza?

Alan: YES and NO..

Yuhon: What does that mean?! Do you want pizza or not?!

Alan: YES and NO..
by KingRodriguez August 17, 2010
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A cyber sex game. Currently 3 versions. One is very basic. Second is very specific. Third is in person.
by moron is joshs March 19, 2003
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ooooohhhh yes Yes YES!!!!
by Uber Zerg August 29, 2004
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A stylized and cool way of saying "yes", which could have different tones attached to it depending on how you use it. Also said as "yesyes."
Ex. 1 -

Boss: Timothy, fetch for me the folder full of paperwork from my executives pronto!

Timothy: Yes yes, boss!

Ex. 2 -
Maya: That is such a cool hampter, Eddy!

Eddy: Yesyes
by An0nny442 March 18, 2023
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used by Spirit Doge when something is good or when he is happy
1:Doge u got the weed
Doge : ye ye ye
by Catatafish Of the stomach cove February 12, 2015
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