Person 1: I love Drake, he’s my favorite rapper
Person 2: yb better🤡
by Pimp & b May 16, 2021
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Yb stands for young boul. A philly term used when talking to someone smaller than you.
by Philly215! April 25, 2017
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A "young boul" or if you're in a gang, "young blood" for all them red niggas.
Did you see Tyrone over at Tonya's yesterday, he was shootin up the whole place..that yb be growing up.
by Curls(: December 13, 2016
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Goon 1:Lets go to YB house.
Dumb Goon 2: Who's YB?
Goon 1: YO BITCH!
Everyone around: HAHAHHAHAHA.
by YOUNGDINO December 6, 2010
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yb pretty much indicates "ya boy"
Tom: You heard what happened between Ron, Kim and Rob yesterday?
Finn: Yea lmao, yb hitting it from the back, yb hitting it from the front, and yb in the middle cheering them up.
by lil gard May 11, 2016
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Young Bop, a young girl who bops (gives lots of head to multiple people)
Person 1: Yeah, that one girl is a real YB

Person 2: For sure! She's only a freshman in high school and she's bopped everyone on campus!
by Suppp?? January 18, 2012
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