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Meme lingo for "why you no..." which means "why didn't you" or "why don't you" in standard English. The cartoon meme character known as "Y U No Man" always uses this phrase in his frustrated questions.
Meme character holds his stick arms pleadingly in front of his large, sweaty face and says: "Jim Carrey...Y u no funny anymore?" Y U no?
by Black@Heart February 06, 2011
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Shortened form of "y u no," itself a corruption of "Why don't you." Commonly used by l33t hax0rs and twitter users.

Pronounced "Why you no."
Internet user: Webcomics yuno bottomless?
Twitterer: @GBush yuno get impeached #medicare #yolo #iraq #winning
Hax0r: GENTOO YUNO HAVE FFMPEG!?$!?@#!1#?!
by Wug September 28, 2012
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