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This person is really intriguing. They're weird 90% of the time and serious the 10%. They try their best to help people out even when they shouldn't. They're pretty cute but this person doesn't like calling their self anything good. Usually happy and super kind, but if you get on their bad side you're in real trouble because they are willing to kill. Loves singing and games and has an intelligent and artistic side. And sexual wise they are kinky as heck.
Whose the weird one again? Of course it's Xyla.
by uwu77777777 May 06, 2018
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The name/last name Xylas comes from the greek word wood. Xylas's tend to have a weird side to them and can sometimes get on peoples nerves. Temper issues also isnt a new concept to them.
Niko: Did you see what Xylas did when he found out Greece wasnt in the world cup

Irene:Yup and i didnt want to stick around to find out whatd he do next
by Petra Douvalakis July 16, 2018
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Normal people scare you.Your well known for your motherly nature towards the people you love and your undying enthusiasm. Very responsible but the kid in you is still very alive. Your the sweetest, most amazing, loving person ever but if there's someone on your bad side, they're in trouble, let's just say that. You absolutely LOVE BACON and If it was possible to put bacon in everything, you know you would.
She ate all the bacon!.. Yup that's a Xyla for ya.
by theGINGER February 25, 2015
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