People named Xio are often loud but truly kind. They have strong minds and are great thinkers. They always find a way to get what they want, no matter what. They're trust worthy people, but if you lie to them, they will not hesitate to tell everyone your secrets. They can be very mean at times but it's usually used as a "shield." Mean on the outside but once you get to know them and trust them, they'll return it back through things like gifts and favours.
"Wow! Xio is a trust worthy person"
"I trust Xio."
by snowfilledheart June 18, 2021
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A very talented skinner for doom 3. His skinpack made "Gamestar magazine" in the September 2004 issue. Possibly one of the best Revamper/Reskinner there is.
Have you tryed out Xio's new skinpack for Doom 3 ?
by Vaine October 03, 2004
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"Kisses, Boners, and Hugs."
Used as an alternative to xoxo
"Happy Valentine's Day, darling. I love you so much!
Xio, John"
by Samantha_ July 28, 2006
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a word of power and/or skill in many arts.....bitch!
by Preston October 02, 2004
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If you meet a Xio, they are so sweet, so very kind and they will make you have many butterflies by the slightest touch and compliments. If you meet a Xio do not let her go, she is not a woman to just let go. If you let such a woman go.. you are missing out, and you would break her delicate heart and missing on so much fun and memories. She likes sunflowers, volleyball and laughing so hard with you till you and hers stomach hurts if you are sad, she would take you on bowling alley dates, and late drives to look at the stars. But when she gets mad she seems scary and intimidating when inside she is hurting by the slightest yell of the person who hurt her so do not be scared and walk up to her and ask if she is okay. And when she gets flirty, she isn't innocent at all, she will not let you go until she is satisfied and will leave you speechless. Do not let such a women go she is just incredible
I met this girl named Xio today and she was spunky and short
Oh you mean Xio? Yo she is everyones friend, if she friended you, you will have a good time bro
by sleeping to music January 01, 2022
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A bank-standing nigga who doesn't get drops.
Just pull a Xio and buy the item?
by Cocktionary69 December 20, 2019
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Xio's manga never came they are still waiting for death note black edition and i already have it because im supreme
"Xio's missing dn manga never came lol im so funny istg i died"
by ronis_feet_fanpage July 27, 2021
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