Xiah-ism is the religion of none other than Xiah Junsu from TVXQ.
"What religion do you believe in?"

"My religion is Xiah-ism which is as holy as the bible, I worship Xiah-ism"
by AlwaysKeepTheFaith<3 April 26, 2010
One SUS ass person he likes men booty and thicc niggas
Oh look its Xiah hide your butt
by GimaniCole May 10, 2021
Xiah is beautiful, sweet, loving and is an black girl . She does her best to keep you happy. If she laughs at your jokes she loves you. If she finds you interesting you won a place in her heart. She might just hate you for it. Xiah likes it when her way of thinking is challenged. She's your best friend and wants the best for you. Sometimes she may seem lost or hard to figure out but eventually you'll get where she's coming from. Xiah is spontaneous she is willing to try new things but also an pussy . When you meet Xiah Always keep her in your life you won't regret it.
Xiah is an goddess.
by xoxo_xxxo April 12, 2022
Hi Xiah

Them:Shes so pretty
by xoxo_xxxo February 2, 2022
a nigga that really ain’t that good at fortnite why crank 90s everyday for what? To get shit on my Liban everyday
Nah you shit just like Xiah
by Sleighz November 23, 2021
A japanese super mario 64 speedrunner known for his 1 star former WR, his 16 stars former WR and his IL run
He is also super smash bros player
Xiah just did a TAS long jump at BitS in the run holy fucking shit
by 0m December 11, 2018