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A japanese super mario 64 speedrunner known for his 1 star former WR, his 16 stars former WR and his IL run
He is also super smash bros player
Xiah just did a TAS long jump at BitS in the run holy fucking shit
by 0m December 11, 2018
Shotgunplays is a fortnite youtuber that is notorious for his clickbaity video, stealing other people's content and thumbnail and harassing smaller youtuber
Originally started as minecraft youtuber called shotgunraids which is also notorious for the same thing he did in his recent channel and he get subs from prestonplayz
A guy who put effort in their video : my video is finally finished time to upload.
Shotgunplays : *steals thumbnail and content from that guy* aha my video finished time to upload for ez views lol.
by 0m December 11, 2018