In Triple Trouble, Sonic.EXE takes on a more beastly form known as Xenophanes; his new offical form created by his current owner ASTRAMONICONX. In this form, he is immensely tall, towering over every other character in the mod. His quills are now even more unkempt, and seem to have grown longer around his ears and eyebrows. They’re also tipped with a bright, almost crystalline-looking purple. His facial proportions are extended to the point of his skull being partially visible through his eye sockets, and his teeth and gums are now a sickly purple. He now has an X-shaped slash in his chest similar to Lord X that oozes blood, which (along with the blood coming out of his eyes) is now a pinkish-purple color
person 1: hey have you seen that new sonic.EXE form called xenophanes?
person 2: yea he looks pretty damn cool and kinda fucking creepy!
by cocogoat_drinker March 13, 2022
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An transformation of sort altering the users appearance for example “xenophanes sonic.exe),coming with purple quills and showing his skull
Xenophanes Sonic Looks Amazing

Yea Xenophanes looks sick
by KyanThePlayer March 28, 2022
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A creepy pedophile hedgehog wanting souls to satisfy his lust for blood and his horniness
Xenophanes is stalking the child
by I'm watching you fucker November 28, 2022
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