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An assumption made by a noob that the next generation of Xbox is the Xbox 720, It is actually the Xbox One
You: So what console are you gonna get?

Noob: The Xbox 720 of course!

You: It's the Xbox One you Fool!!!
by F@ November 12, 2013
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The next generation system of Microsoft. First came the X-box, then the X-box 360 (event though the system isn't a circle) and so it is assumed by most people that next will be the X-box 720. It is a reasonable name for the next gen. of X-box.

Sometimes used as a joke when asked if going to buy a 360.
Are you getting the X-box 360?

Nah, I'll wait for the X-box 720.
by GABEMSTR November 14, 2006
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What come after the Xbox 360. All features unknown in 2005. Name not yet certified by Xbox or anyone.
Person1:When are you going to pick up your Xbox 720?
Person2:Xbox 720? Playstation 4 all the way.
by Burntsteel October 20, 2005
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