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Xavier University is a small Catholic school in Cincinnati Ohio. Though the size is small, it has an awesome basketball team. Students there are intelligent and very friendly. Though it is not the biggest party school, student still know how to have fun and have plenty of it. People are generally laid back and know how to maintain a good balance between academics and fun. It is well known and has a great reputation in the midwest, but due to its size, it is not known all over.
Example: Person 1: Where do you go to school?
2: Xavier University
3: Oh they have a good basketball team right?
4: Yeah its a really good school
by 15711 October 11, 2005
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Basically an extension of the nearby high schools (Elder, Moeller, and St Xavier), it is located on outskirts of the arm pit city of Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a good basketball team some years and that is the only reason that anyone living outside the Cincinnati metro area may have heard of the school. The students there know that it isn't a party school but promise that it is still "fun"...Don't blink on your visit here or you might miss the majority of the tour.
Xavier University Student 1: Hey bro, do you feel like going up to the University of Dayton to party this weekend?

Xavier University Student 2: Nah, let's just break out the Monopoly board again.

Xavier University Student 1: Great idea dudester!
by yeshQ November 06, 2011
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Overshadowed by the amazingness of Ohio State, Xavier college is a haven for boring ugly nobodies who THINK they have money. It is nothing more than a bunch of pricks who are at a satellite school of the all amazing Villanova University. It is also a beloved college for boring chicks out of central PA who think they're laid back and chill, but really are just there to get fucked and get schooled. Education: NO. Sex: Yes. Alcohol: They're all pussies
Xavier University Student Dialogue
Xavier Student 1: "Hey, do you wana go to a kegger on the other side of campus?"

Xavier Student 2: "yea, sure... how many cases of beer?"

Xavier Student 1: "1"

Xavier Student 2: "omg. im gona get so wrecked tonight!"
by Dikey McCarpetMuncher November 29, 2008
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