To be reported by the other nine players in a game of five-versus-five, for example in League of Legends. In order for an x9 to occur, a request has to be made in All chat.
Support (Janna): ashe toxic af and went afk, x9 pls
by Bowsette_IRL June 21, 2016
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Gang originating in the Northeast portion of the United States of America. Their colors are black and green. Can often be seen owning up.
Yo check it, X9 done owned up another store!
by __-_ January 14, 2004
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It's a Brazilian slang to define someone who is a whistleblower. It stems from American comic books, initially published in newspaper strips in 1934.
bro, he gave you to the police, he's the biggest x9 i know
by August 28, 2019
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Hey bro did you say that joão got X9'ed by paulo, and now he is on prison?

Yeah man let's get his ass! X9 dies early!
by Aquele cara ali January 07, 2018
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