A variant of Punk'd, but a PG-13 version of the word, coined by Jamie Kennedy.
You see that sign over there? You've been X'ed. You're on my hidden-camera show, called The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. (Oh, shit!)
by Teddy January 5, 2004
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1. Tricked, like Punk'd on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment. (Look at the above definition)

2. Cut out from something. Like a picture or an event.
1. Omg, you've been x'ed! This was all a lie!

2. a: hey, x me out from that picture! I look terrible!
b: alright, you've been x'ed

a: i cant believe he hasnt talked to me in 2 days
b: so he has completely x'ed you out from his life?
by humans are scary July 28, 2006
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Something formerly important that is no longer significant.
My luv fo` her x'ed out! Now ah` only got eyes fo' ya, babe!
by William Warney July 4, 2009
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One who is sitting in his/her foriegn and gets pulled up on by crackheads and shot to death. Just like XXXTENTACION.
Guy 1: "You know that guy that was shot on Saturday night?:
Guy 2: "Yeah, what about him?"
Guy 1: "It seems to me that he got X'ed On."
by BabyYoda69 December 10, 2019
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