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A mythical creature with the ability to fly. It is often portrayed as having onl one pair of limbs these are either it's hind legs or front legs, it is often shown with bird-like qualities such as feathered wings or a beak.
The Wyvern swooped down from the skies to attack.
by lordpestilence January 11, 2005
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The Wyvern, a two legged winged dragon-like mythical creature, always having only two legs and two wings. However, in the game, Doungeons & Dragons, some Mountain (Earth) Wyvern's are shown with two hind legs, aswell as two fore legs. The four basic types of Wyvern are as follows: Mountain Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, Water (Sea) Wyvern, and the Forest Wyvern. The sub catagories for the Mountain Wyvern (Most common also Earth) are the Red Wyvern, the Black Wyvern, the Gold Wyvern, the Copper Wyvern, the White Wyvern, the Silver Wyvern, the Gold Wyvern, and the very rare Green Mountain Dragon, almost as rare as the Red Forest Wyvern. Mountain Wyvern's are also the largest Wyvern's, with the Red, Black, and White Wyvern's being the only Wyvern's larger then a Red Dragon. The forest Wyvern's are the Green Wyvern's, and the extremely rare, Red Forest Wyvern, the most rare Wyvern. The fire Wyvern's are the Red Wyvern, Black Wyvern, the Brass Wyvern, and the Copper Wyvern. The Water, or Sea Wyvern's are the Blue Wyvern's, and the White Wyvern. Here is a list of all the sub-catagory Wyvern's: Red Wyvern, Green Wyvern, Black Wyvern, White Wyvern, Blue Wyvern, Copper Wyvern, Gold Wyvern, Silver Wyvern, Brass Wyvern. The Red, Black, Copper, and Brass Wyvern's are the only four types of Wyvern known to be able to breath fire.
The Black Wyvern flew past and coated the sky in darkness.
by Minority September 15, 2006
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A mount that can be summoned at the outland in world of warcraft. But it can only be summoned once you reach level 70 and get (225) riding skill, there is normal wyvern mount that goes 60% on the land and air. This mount cost 100g and i believe the riding skill is 800g. How ever once u have reached that you can also have an option to work your way up to 5000g for the (300) riding skill and Swift wyvern which is 200g, they fly up to 280% and 100% on land
The normal wyvern comes in colors
Twany (Light Brown)
Swift wyvern comes in colors all Twany (light Brown) but there armor comes in color
This Wyvern have front legs,back legs, and a scorpian tail, also a lion face.
by Drudic October 04, 2007
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