A person who believes in the myth of 'white' humans, despite most humans outside of albino humans being a shade of tan or pink, and believes in 'white supremecy'.

A human in the united states of america, who believes somehow 'white people were always in north america' despite there being no 'whiteland' for them to have come from, and so chooses to identify as 'white' rather than 'american'.

A human slaver, who believes in the 'black/white' paradigm of 'slave/slaver', often looking to obtain a backing of 30-40 slaves via 'investments' to live a life of indolence.
That karen who just demanded A free breakfast meal, because she dropped a cheap cup of soda 'accidently' is so wyte!

Oh, look, another wyte dude who says the minimum wage not being high is a good thing.
by eishethel November 15, 2020
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Hooo Weee look at her... Propa Wyted Innit!
by borris June 11, 2003
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Nellie is a wyte , shes a ton of laughs.
by tgkprog May 29, 2005
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A memphis rapper who some dumb shits think is dead but no hes really not hes one of the best white rappers ever and tripple six mafia is the rawest shit ever MEMPHIS OR DIE
guy1-man lil wyte sucks and 36 are pussys

guy2-listen to the song jealous ass bitch and quit hatin trick
by Bo Bland February 8, 2008
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lil wyte is sinister, raw and rugged, straight fire! not a nan notha like him!
by niz October 22, 2003
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awesome fuckin rapper who likes drugs.
this is my smokin song it aint very long but guaranteed to get the job done, smoke one, what the fuck you waitin on? get high, i know you blaze as high as the sky
by the high guy June 21, 2004
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A great white rapper that sings songs that make you wanna get high! He's great!!!
"Go on and slip me two xanax bars, I'm ready to get fool, 5th of Crown to was it down, i'm down town snapping rolls" "Oxycontin - Xanax Bars - Percocet and Lortab
Valiums - Morphine - patches - Exstacy - and it's all up for grab
What'cha want - what'cha need - hit me up I got you mane
What'cha want - what'cha need - hit me up I got you mane"
by yo' mama biotch June 12, 2005
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