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Happy and fun to be around always there for the ones she cares about willing to do almost anything for the right reasons. She will tend to be an extremist in everything she does. Which can be good and bad she puts everything and everyone before herself to a point of putting her health in danger. Her smile could mealt the hardest heart she is trustworthy and honest and if she ever didnt tell quite the truth it would bother her until she did. She is loyal to her family and would be the best choice for any man that wanted a lifetime soulmate. She is Onery at times and crazy fun to be around if you want to be silly. If you know a Wyndy you will never forget her. And if you are loved by a Wyndy you are blessed beyond belief.
Person 1 "Wow the lady I just met is so smart and beautiful and so much fun!"
Person 2 ""If you're lucky she will be a Wyndy."
by DeeohatDeeohdat August 18, 2016
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smart person, low-key freaky. hard to get sometimes. Wyndy tells you like it is NO MATTER WHAT or who likes it or who you are. from the president of the u.s to the homeless on the street. She isn't gonna change for nobody.
wyndy is a smart person.
by idcbcyatab April 08, 2015
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