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1) A small, prickly animal resembling an echidna. These creatures can talk in nasal squeaky voices, and absolutely adore cheeseburgers and fanta. Native to WuzzyWorld, where squillions of them live, however many wander around on Earth where they are not noticed by most people as they are able to camoflage themselves to look just like their surroundings. They are exceedingly dim and retarded, however very hard to kill which is good as they are constantly being run over, falling off cliffs etc. Say 'Neeee hah!' a lot. Many have specific names such as Lord High Wuzzy, the Wuzzy of Great Authority (who is exceedingly intelligent by wuzzy standards), Burger Seller Wuzzy, Baked Bean Wuzzy, Lemon Meringue Pie Wuzzy, Wuzzy Ho, General Wuzzy, etc.
2) A mini-wuzzy, ie. an extra small wuzzy. Mini wuzzys are much more violent than the placid normal wuzzys, and are constantly annoying everyone by trying to take over the world. They never suceed as they are too small and pathetic.
3) A cute animal, or just an animal.
1) Bob: Oh look, a wuzzy!
Dave: Damn, it's eating my burger!
Wuzzy: BURGERS nee hah! *slurps up burger*

2) Bob: Oh look, a tiny wuzzy!
Dave: Quick, somebody stamp on it
Mini wuzzy: BEND TO MY WILL PUNY HUMANS, I SHALL- *squish*

3) Bob: Aw look a sheep
Dave: Yeah, it's so wuzzy!
Sheep: le BAA
Bob: I think it's french
Sheep: le Baa et BleatBaa
Dave: Yeah definately french.
by TheWuzzy July 03, 2011
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Strange characters who run around mostly annoying people just trying to have fun and get some laughs.
(Usually you'll see a wuzz girl wearing rediculous clothing and you'll know she's just kidding. Rediculous clothing consists of surfboard visors, Cat nails, various cheetah clothing from goodwill, Fake hair that doesn't match the natural color, best g-ma shirts. Basically anything unusual)
Omg. Did you see Caitlyn, Natalie, Monica, and Vanessa those fkn wuzzies running around spouting off Fairy talk?? Ugh they're SOO annoying!!

by Jennifer McAffree September 11, 2006
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Slang for London Westminster Canadian Sherry, a fortified wine. Primarily consumed by neechies.
Look at all these empty Wuzzy bottles. There must have been a neechie party here last night.
by Bohdan May 19, 2007
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