The act of a man cumming inside a woman vaginally, then he continuing to fuck her until the combination of semen and fem juice becomes a white frothing foam. After the foam is made, the man will then proceed to urinate inside of the woman, acting as the lemon filling.
This chick wanted me to cum and piss in her, so we wound up making Lemon Meringue Pie.
by raichupal5 January 12, 2013
After a man has finished his load in a girl's vagina or anus, he let's himself go flaccid and proceeds to piss into either orifice, creating a runny, lemony colored creampie.
Dude 1: "Gave my girlfriend a lemon meringue pie the other night."
Dude 2: "How was it?"
Dude 1: "Can't look her in the face anymore."
by JamesLeFranc March 5, 2010
When a guy cums and pees in a girls ass.
"I had to pee during sex so I just lemon meringue pied her ass"
by Lobro March 15, 2017
During sex, one cums inside of their female partner, and upon finishing proceeds to urinate inside of the vagina, hence creating a creamy lemon meringue dessert. To finish the job, it is encouraged to eat the concoction and share it with ones partner in a passionate kiss.
That lemon meringue pie that I just ate out of my girlfriend's vagina tasted that much better because I made it.
by Rudy Flyer September 16, 2007
It's like a cream pie, but instead of shooting semen into the vagina, its urine.
by BIGGYBIG99 March 22, 2010
To create a Rotten Lemon Meringue Pie, first take a pie tin, and shit in it. Pat the shit down as the crust. In a seperate bowl, piss in the bowl and add sugar so it becomes a thick liquid. Place the liquid over the shit in the pie tin. Cum all over the top, and cook it in the oven, before cutting in and eating it.
My friend had this really wierd fetish and decided to make a rotten lemon meringue pie. Gross!
by Master Dan April 9, 2007
When you squirt lemon juice on your dick before she’s about to cum, and then stick it back in.
I was fucking Tatiana last night and we made a lemon meringue pie! I didn’t eat it, though.
by Evo Zondo November 27, 2019