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A man among men he has big balls and a big dick. His bulge is legendary and women fall to their knees for it! Is brilliant on many levels and can be a kind soul but more like a malevolent God!
Wulf is a person that's basically a badass
by Biggestface November 19, 2017
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to end a conversation in one sentence or word
well I jut wulfed this conversation. definition I just stopped this conversation In one word.
by giga wulf May 04, 2015
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Wulf is much as chafing, except it is only focused around your ball sack or between butt cheeks. To catch a wulf you have to be sweating a lot and moving around, sitting down on a cold piece of ground usually doesnt help either. Wulfing causes this itchy and annoying feeling, almost like a wulf bit you. You can think of it in the way that you have a wulf constantly biting into your butt or balls. To get rid of a wulf one must run faster than him, which is impossible, or you can go to the ocean and put some salty water into his snout and drown him.
1) Oh man, I've been busting my balls all day running around sweating, then I sat down on a cold marble stone and caught a nasty wulf.
2) Look that kid is walking funny, I think he's got a wulf.
3) It sucks to take your girlfriend out for a dinner, while you have a wulf, that way you have to pay for 3.
by Kollaps June 12, 2011
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Dark Elven character from the Popular MMORPG, Gothador. Formerly of cult Aplha Elite and then Fabrica Leti. Was one of the top most powerful players until a 6-month hiatus from the game in the summer of 2005. Returned to Gothador a much weaker player. Wulf wandered the realms of Gothador until he became a member of Fabrica Leti once again. He is slowly gaining strength and simply enjoying his life as an old man of the realms.

What is in store for this character, only time and boredom will tell.
Wulf? Yeah I heard o him. Ain't he that big ol' Dark Elf that ain't so big no mo'? :(
by Adam Julevic April 11, 2006
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