The plural of Lettuce.
The farmer has a patch of Leti.
by M Smith October 9, 2006
Brian: You know Leti?

Brenda: Yes
Brian: She is not a spy

Brenda: Okay????
by Barbara the queen July 14, 2018
Not one to cross. She will never let you live down your mistakes. To know a leti is rare as she never let's anyone close. She will cut you off and you will miss her forever.
Leti is mad at you and now you should move away
by Iudu November 25, 2021
The plural of Lettuce;

Origin; Megan from WA, Austalia
The gardener has patches of carrots, potatoes and leti;
by Izzy_Per March 8, 2006
The best girl ever to exist because she is pretty, hot , fat ass , big boobies and she has black hair😱 she will steal your man from you and she’s not a pick me to 🫣
Boy 1: who’s that?
Boy 2: That’s leti the prettiest girl

Boy 1: damn she fine

They both wet themselves
by Yoboiwest June 8, 2022
LETI stands for Law Enforcement Training Institute; When you graduate from it you become a gun dealer, corrupt or good police officer. Its pretty E P I C
Hey dude did you get into LETI? No, its impossible.
by Duck0321 November 10, 2018
The most amazing lesbian ever, super cool! Everyone wants to hang out with Lety. She can turn straight girls gay.
That girl went lety for that other girl.
by lepy February 4, 2010