Inhaling and swallowed a lot roach of joint in order to get you more high

Founded by Gibby and Marbles
"So who's Wu Tanging this bad boy?"
by roachboy December 27, 2017
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A dance from North-Eastern united states. Very popular in Philly, Baltimore, and Jerzey. Dance goes with house and club music.
Yo put that new club banger on so we can wu-tang
by Najee418 January 31, 2007
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preferably pertains to an attractive oriental/asian woman, however it may be use for any race of an attractive woman.
Ramlo: yo have you been to the cabazon outlets?

Greg: ya i have. why?

Ramlo: cuz there's nothing but wu tangs there!
by RNK member November 23, 2011
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The group of guys that always come to a party and bring the ruckus...Usually good to have around if you are liked by them and not good if it is your party and you don,t want blood on your floor or the cops to come.
by Bent Ben December 07, 2007
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a slut that likes to have sex with many men at the same time or back to back to back...
That chick Robin is wutang she boned like 15 heads from the block last week.
by Eric from 171 May 27, 2006
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It is the act of swallowing a blunt/cigarette/joint whole after smoking it
Hi my name is Evan and this is nitro circus. For our first trick here it is called the Wu-tang. *eats lit joint whole*
by FonerBonertown October 24, 2020
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The simple move of pulling it anal beads like starting up a lawn mower
Jessica: Tommy gave me a good wu tang last night

Fiona: Damn, I wish my boyfriend would do that
by YaBoiShen September 15, 2019
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