Inhaling a lit roach from a blunt, then letting go so it sticks to the back of your throat, then swallowing. A fancy way of eating the peanut.
"Man did you see Ben wu tang that shit last night?"
"Yea man, Brian tried and almost puked."
by chemskill October 02, 2007
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The sound a sword makes cutting through air then striking metal
sword swing : Wuuuuu
Contact with metal: TANG!

Wu-Tang is the shit!
by Hashmob September 04, 2008
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The WU TANG rap group first used the term to describe something cool. The wu tang clan is a large collection old kung fu movies that the Rza was really into. Instead of saying something was cool the Rza would say to his friends "that shit is wutang".
"That movie the zietgiest was wu-tang"
by mike sistrunk January 21, 2008
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dance originated in philly buh spread to bmore n JERZ!!..arm motions/footwork..but gotta have ur own style fill me?
damn...he muhs b frum jerz..his wutang is bananas!!
by Snoopii April 26, 2007
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