The first time a man, or woman discovers that they have potential to deliver a projectile load of cum or semen. This is usually attained by squeezing the balls or vagina closed until the last minute of resistance.
The other day while sitting with White Top, he caught a real good Wright Brother. It was a first.
by Ricktus January 28, 2004
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A piece of crap airplane. Basically toothpicks and tissue paper glued together. the airplane can hardly fly an inch.
when i tried to fly the Wright Brothers plane, it fell and
snapped like a twig
by CoolioAV April 01, 2007
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A 59 second loud propeller farty toilet experience achieving a very low altitude above seat level.
Just had a gas propelled noisy white knuckle wright brothers shit
by Quagmire Ton bastardo November 11, 2019
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