1. Self-centered process of interpreting an author’s words

2. Reader’s re-writing of a work to relate to self, twisting a storyline to suit the reader’s motives and interests

3. Total abortion of literary confines and mores
She cried as she wread the story, wondering how the author knew the most intimate details of her life and heart.

The author wrote the novel about a woman in turmoil, knowing it would be wread by every woman as the heroic story of her own life.
by Out of the Classroom January 27, 2010
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instead of saying “i read that already” say i wread that already it’s a actual word for it now @dexrrrr
i wread that book already. i wread your paragraph and it was good
by dexrrrr October 11, 2021
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Deliberately reminiscent of wrote/write, wread/wred is a proposed (by me), at least, past tense alternate spelling of the extant read to finally distinguish the identical and ironic (in relation to their part in literature) English heteronyms; present tense read from past tense read. Either spelling, wread or wred, being readily available as neither are in use by any existing English word, though wred may seem the more official spelling due e.g. to its being the most distinct from other inconsistent pronunciations of the -ea phoneme e.g. lead and lead, especially given the current issue of discernment and the specific address of this definition; the past tense itself, but as the current word is already spelled read and pronounced wread, the gradual shift may be easier by simply modifying the existing word by the mere addition of a letter w' at the start in order to mitigate complaints from pedants who cannot necessarily even, at least, infer the meaning of wred to start with nor the intention of its user to introduce the spelling as opposed to a mock worthy error on the writer's part.

However, keep it mind that it may be best to update the present tense read to be consistent with the update of the past tense, and that, if ever this were to occur, it would likely be done by similarly modifying the present tense read to the spelling wread.
She'd wread / wred about it yesterday while reading the paper.

The teacher made her read aloud in class, so she wread/wred it.
by Nova Croix July 2, 2019
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