An expression used when someone does something completely ridiculous or stupid but that totally would be expected of them
Wow kid you would hook up with that female Cambodian tow truck driver at Denny's!
by Young Raspberry Milk June 30, 2015
Some douchebag or dumbass attempts or accomplish such a "cool move" action to show off or show the skills they've gain from their whole miserable life.

To speak this sentence, the comma acts as a pause between the word 'wow' and 'cool'.
Jack just did a three-pointer 3 times in a row! Wow, cool kid.

Jerry mimics an NPC walk. Wow, cool kid.

She said a bad word. Wow, cool kid.

This kid just called me a nigga. Wow, cool kid.

He just told me he lost his virginity. Wow, cool kid.
by Garrystan March 22, 2018
an individual with severe anger issues, outlet for his anger includes sodomizing ones anal cavity with a remote control, inflicting pain on one self with a shoe. Other acts of anger include hitting a car with a bat, smashing fathers guitar, climbing in a tree, smashing vacuums and general disorderly conduct.
hey did you see that wow freakout kid?

Dude i totally went wow freakout kid on her ass last night i just wrecked it.
by German Freakout Kid December 31, 2010