(In Geordie dialect) Someone or something that is very attractive, excellent etc.

Originally submitted to MacMillan Dictionary by Lauren Bickley, United Kingdom, on 11/06/2016
She's a complete worldie!
He's scored an absolute worldie.
by tarynosaurus June 12, 2018
Used to describe a really good looking person. Geordie slang popularised on the TV show Geordie Shore.
"She's a total worldie!"
"I need to pull a worldie tonight!"
by da411 May 2, 2018
a person with soft skin who smells nice with a fucking glowing personality
Wow, that Nina really is a worldie
by B7U6ss6g April 15, 2019
like a attractive lad or lass or if you think a woman is pretty you could say worldie💗 or something which means you think they’re pretty or hot
Your a worldie💗
by Tieganm April 27, 2018
When someone/ something is your world. Someone who means so much to you that they are the best thing on this earth to you.
Person 1) He is a worldie
Person 2) gurlll he is your boyfriend ofc he is
by I make words December 31, 2019
Worldy means world class, but is most often used to describe someone of extreme beauty.
by charlieLAD April 6, 2012