Someone who is what every guy is looking for . Someone who is naturally beautiful inside and out. Have the personality that matches the looks. Someone you’d be lucky to have in your life. Someone who doesn’t know how real special they are.
ooh that miss heather is a little worldie
“Did you see that little worldie the other day, damn she got those heads turning”
by thaw2011 June 03, 2019
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testicles deep inside a woman's vagina that no matter where she goes in the world is a stunner
Tonight I'm gonna go get mortal with the lads an hopefully get balls deep in worldy muff.

>How was last night?
<Balls deep, in worldy muff mann
by Muff Fan July 26, 2012
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a world class older person, akin to a MILF.
A phrase first coined in the north east UK during 2012, coming from the 'geordie shore' phrase worldie
by dadisdownwiththekids February 04, 2013
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A utter stunner of a woman normally amazing in every way. Newcastle saying for any lass that is highly thought of and deserves to be treat like a princess. A woman where if she walks in a room everyone stops to admire her beauty
That lass is a world class worldie
by World class worldie December 23, 2017
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