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A game where your social life goes to die, and then rot in hell. You cannot escape its grasp, and once you play, you will be addicted to it. After 4 months of grinding, you get bored and leave for 6 weeks. You then come back and are addicted again until your computer crashes.
Me: Iv'e been playing World of Tanks for 4 months straight now.
Friend: Wtf is that?
Me: Gtfo noob.
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A online Tank game made by wargaming (greedy cunts) which used to be good until mid 2016 where the game because pay-to-win with tanks such as Skorpion G, Obj 252u/Defender, Chrystler K GF and Nameless. Now in world of tanks if you don't have a tier 8 PREMIUM tank or a PREMIUM account don't bother going past tier 6.

Veteran: Ah, I remember the good old days of World Of Tanks.
Newbie: fuck this game, now im bankrupt.
Veteran: Sucked in.
Wargaming: selling e-25 and pzIIj $150 each >:D
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by 4amGod July 20, 2017
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A Free-to-Play (and not Pay-to-Win) MMO focused around... well, tanks. Red Orchestra meets World of Warcraft meets Battlefield 1942, in other words. Infamous for its bias towards Russian tanks, but otherwise a very original take on the Genre. Also has a large volume of Paper Panzers that didn't actually make production in real life. AKA "WoT"
World of Tanks proves to us that a nice 105mm round is way better than any greatsword.
by RedShocktrooper April 16, 2011
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Free to Play shooter focused on tanks. Instead of controlling a human character you control a World War 2 tank. This game is NOT an MMO.
In the World of Tanks, you're going to need a better gun than that to hurt me!
by Z hero May 09, 2012
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