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A Free-to-Play (and not Pay-to-Win) MMO focused around... well, tanks. Red Orchestra meets World of Warcraft meets Battlefield 1942, in other words. Infamous for its bias towards Russian tanks, but otherwise a very original take on the Genre. Also has a large volume of Paper Panzers that didn't actually make production in real life. AKA "WoT"
World of Tanks proves to us that a nice 105mm round is way better than any greatsword.
by RedShocktrooper April 16, 2011

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German slang for "A mass-produced, standardized object," such as the titular machine gun - a cut down version of the MG08 for use as an assault weapon/light machine gun, of which several thousand were built before the end of World War I.
East German Soldier: My Kalashnikov must be a 08/15 - I've seen about ten of them in the span of five minutes!
by RedShocktrooper October 05, 2011

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US gun terminology. Switching your gun from semi-automatic (one bullet per trigger pull) to automatic (keeps firing until you let go or you run out of ammunition). Typically refers to the function in the increasingly rare pre-1986 Assault Weapons Ban automatics though older guns (i.e. pre-1960s import ban) guns. Because of the very unlikely chance of someone buying an older gun for anything beyond having fun with it, the automatic mode of fire is instead used for pure entertainment value, as an excellent way to expend incredibly large (and expensive) amounts of ammunition in a very short period of time.
Dan: How'd you end up going though 300 rounds in an hour?
Tom: I hit the fun switch on my Tommy gun.
by RedShocktrooper September 17, 2018

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A term used to describe a weapon (i.e. a tank, as per the name) that is designed but never actually built. Alternatively, a term refering something that one intended to do, but never got around to doing.
Guy 1 (who knows nothing about weapons): Dude check out the Maus!
Guy 2 (who knows a fuckton about weapons): Meh, it's just a paper panzer.

Girl: I thought you were going to fix the sink?
Guy: It's a paper panzer.
by RedShocktrooper June 17, 2011

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The act of killing the opposing team in a base, often uncapturable, but sometimes also of the capable variety. Often uses the most 'invincible' weapon available, such as a tank or a siege weapon.
National Hero: Agh! We're losing!
National Team: Noooo!


Person A: Why do they call it "base raping?"
Person B: Because it's like forcing someone to have sex with you. It might feel good for the perpetrator, but the other people of the world think it's wrong.
by RedShocktrooper May 13, 2010

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