Favourite female co-worker who you get along with really well and enjoy spending time with but in a plutonic way. She's your girlfriend between 9 and 5 without sex.
Guy: My work girlfriend said the funniest thing this morning.

Guy's actual girlfriend: WTF? you cheating on me? Why don't you go and tell your "work girlfriend" that you can't even shave your own ass.

Guy's friend: Only dumbasses used the term work girlfriend in front of their actual girlfriends.
by DClear April 28, 2014
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Work boyfriend/girlfriend
A colleague — your lunchmate, IM partner, smoking buddy, etc. No sex, though. Platonic.
I told my work boyfriend/girlfriend about the slut in accounting making out with three dudes at happy hour. S/he wasn't surprised.
by rick the ruler October 14, 2006
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