I acknowledge the information you have just received.

I agree with the plan, and take no issue with the current arrangements.
Person 1: "You got a letter, and my Dad my come by later tonight."
Person 2: "Word"

Person 1: "We are meeting for dinner at 11, wear a tie."
Person 2: "Word"
by gbiffy May 25, 2016
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Word is a group of letters.To make a word you need to make a group from letters so it would sound normal.
Girl:Hi do you like Dogs(word)
Boy:Hey,yes i love dogs(word)
by TonySpartk November 16, 2019
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In agreeance with a statement as if it came correct, as if you were backing it up. Word
Say some lame ass niggas were talking shit in a nonchelant way, then i stated something like you fools could be eating some dicks if i decided so so watch wtf you do, if you think you might be sly and got 1 up on someone and wanna wisper or degrade someone in my presense or i, i will shut it down with my fist or cock, so my bud gut up knocked 3 out and we left, got out the door and looked at my fellow he looked at me i said FAGS and said "word".
by Imnassholeyourabitch July 12, 2019
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