A human maze that was built in Vacaville, CA in 1988. It always struggled to stay open, due to the fact that it was outside and Vacaville is so hot in the summer, which was when kids could go. It has been closed and was burned down a few years ago. A car dealership was built on the property soon after.
I went to the Wooz a few years ago...that place was cool. Too bad it's not there anymore. :(
by Katopolis January 29, 2005
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The combination of Weed (cannabis) and Booze (alcohol).
I split up with my girlfriend, but the wooze is helping.

I've had a shit day... lets get woozy!
by HelloCactus January 8, 2009
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Verb, when you drink a bunch of booze and try to woo a girl.
Damn that Dorian Gray is always woozing women!
by Disgustin January 8, 2019
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Another poor sign placement at the University of Maryland. Thousands of "ZOOM" campaign signs: $infinite; Discovering they say "WOOZ" to the causal observer: Priceless.
Yup, the University is just Woozing along.
- or -
Wooz, wooz, wooz, yeah, wooz wooz wooz. God that Zoom Zoom kid was scary.
by Testudo October 17, 2003
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Marijuana laced with cocaine or other amphetamines.
Yeah, and don't mess with the boss coz' he smoke' wooze!
by Jeffrey Lou-Lui June 7, 2006
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What's up? How are you? Sup? What is your mood?
Wooz man?
How's ya wooz today?
by Jamie March 12, 2005
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The tiredness felt after eating a large meal, being outside in the sun for long periods of time, or smoking a blissful amount of weed. Usually the wooze can be remedied with a nice afternoon snooze.
I was just driving for six hours straight now I got the Wooze.
by Lottieboh May 21, 2012
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