Ranked 2nd highest bullied school in CT. Is often described as 'Ghetto' and not well disciplined. School is very run-down and not a very pleasant sight. Teachers describe the students to be very disrespectful and rude. Do not recommend bringing students to this school.
In Woodrow Wilson Middle School Classrom:

Teacher "Please sit in your seat"

Student "Don't tell me what to do, i don't like you."

by hihowyoudoinn March 31, 2012
The dumbest school in Clifton,Nj. It is located right next to Route 46 on Van Houten Ave. The kids there are terrible and don't like to do there assignments, hallways are crowded and teachers are very rude. Not a good place to get your education. The school is also really old and desperately needs renovations. Some of the teachers are also racist and teachers walk arounds guarding the hallways with walkie-talkies like it's a prison.
I hate Woodrow Wilson Middle School
by XxMr_SpringX November 30, 2021
Ghetto. Locker room has dicks drawn everywhere. Many bad stuff. Water leakes
Woodrow Wilson middle school
Teacher: take your seat
Student: the fuck you say bitch fight me Rn. If you don’t stop I’m gonna kill my self. Your a racist bitch you fuckshitassshitfuckmotherfuck
by Buzzsoviet December 11, 2018
A shitty, ghetto, trashy school located in council bluffs iowa. the teachers that work there are also pieces of shit that give F's for no reason. its pretty obvious the teachers think "i want to fucking die" not only from them showing up an hour late, but also them playing on their phones, making tiktoks, and brining their xbox and playing fortnite in which they project it up on the projector, full volume, and dying off spawn, IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING TEST THAT COUNTS AS 60% OF MY FINAL GRADE. The staff wonder why we are all failing, but if they stopped playing candycrush, making cringey tiktoks, and playing fortnite, we might, just might, PASS.
The Woodrow Wilson Middle school in Iowa needs to be evaluated. The teachers do dumb shit while we are testing, and they dont give us the information. But its too late now. Class of 2026 (me) goes to high school next year. They need to update their bullying policy, and actaully do shit when studnets are being bullied.
by aqxa on yt April 22, 2022