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3 definitions by XxMr_SpringX

A city in New Jersey that is on the borders of Passaic, and Paterson. One side consists of rich neighborhoods and the other side consists of poorly decaying ghettos. The school system sucks here as well. If your thinking about moving here don’t.
I’m from Clifton Nj
by XxMr_SpringX November 30, 2021
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The dumbest school in Clifton,Nj. It is located right next to Route 46 on Van Houten Ave. The kids there are terrible and don't like to do there assignments, hallways are crowded and teachers are very rude. Not a good place to get your education. The school is also really old and desperately needs renovations. Some of the teachers are also racist and teachers walk arounds guarding the hallways with walkie-talkies like it's a prison.
I hate Woodrow Wilson Middle School
by XxMr_SpringX November 30, 2021
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