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A concentration camp located in Gurnee, Illinois. Friggin school where homophobic bullying is never stopped, where friggin Mexicans cut the lunch lines and not get caught, where friggin teachers don't give a fuck of how we feel, and a place where I FUCKING lose my motivation becuz everyone is being a douchebag.

On the outside of the skewl:
Front: Looks innocent, except the sign near the front door

which looks like the new Swastikas.
Left: Looks like a concentration camp (it is) with numbers

above the doors. There's even a furnace where

people get burned.
Back: Swastikas everywhere!
Right: More Swastikas!
"Fucking dam crackers acting like preps at Woodland Middle School!"
by AnonForever March 12, 2010
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A highly conservative based middle school based in Gurnee, Illinois. A dominantly white school, which creates early racial, cultural and sexual intolerance which is visibly carried over into Warren Township Highschool as WMS is its main feeder school.
The top two recreational activities include sexual intercourse and alcohol in order to mimic their older "friends" in high school.
Nearly all of the students participate in pop culture trends, and those who choose not to, are cast out, creating further social and economic class division, and as most of them are white, even digs deeper into the racial intolerance.
The teachers have the motto of "Act like an adult", yet don't seem to understand the retrospect of it: "Be treated like an adult." Kids are treated as though they are still in 3rd grade, despite how immature the majority are, this severely cut down on those years ahead of Family Guy jokes and pop culture references.
"You came from Woodland Middle School?"
"Damn... Are you alright?"
by NighthawkBotH January 23, 2012
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A nazi camp where the hold you hostage for 8 hours, in Gurnee, Illinois. The teachers are terrible. Half of them don't give a shit about your life and say,"Fight the Pain!" Most of my friends are white because half of this school is whites only. Rest are just Mexicans, African Americandls, and Asian. The kids at this school are assholes. They treat people with disrespect and have the IQ of 50-75. The kids here don't want to learn. They just like talking back to teachers because they think they are "cool." I advise parents not to enroll their child into this hellhole because it gets bad in the middle of the year.
"I go to Woodland Middle School"

by BigJognny69 April 16, 2019
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A torturous prison located in Gurnee, Illinois. This school is highly known for having constant fights, students vaping in the bathrooms, and wannabe e-boys. Half of the ceiling tiles are gone and haven’t been replaced in years due to budget cuts caused by the chrome books.
You go to Woodland Middle School? Dang, feels bad.
by Anonymousguy1562 April 16, 2019
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Stupid **** 90% white school in Gurnee Illinois where everyone lacks intelegence including the teachers. Includes assholes,drugs,preps,and racists where you are in a prision full of whites.2 hours of homework are given on a dosage.Going to this school will make you more addicted to the couch. This school also worships George W Bush,and really likes to suck up money with overpriced taxes for a shitty school that isnt worth it. All who go here are guarenteed a one ticket to hell
GOD DAMMIT! WMS is a fucking prison filled with god damn shit whites who lack fucking intelegence! They make up stupidity with racism.Damn crackers!
by Fong March 21, 2004
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a hell hole locating in gurnee illinois. half the people there are hoes or fake depressed girls who post sad simpson edits on their stories. majority of 7th and 8th graders vape/smoke weed and all show up to school high. teachers are literal devils that give 5 hours worth of homework every night. 10/10 would NOT recommend.
person: damn you went to woodland middle school?

other person: yeah
person: are you sure you don’t have ptsd?
by litpit October 23, 2019
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It’s a very hostile environment. There are more hormones in this school than the Warren Township High School football games, and the entire Twilight saga. Recently, scrunchies have taken over. You will find scrunchies everywhere, on everyone’s wrists, no matter the gender. This school is also wildly homophobic, which really sucks. The gay straight alliance will do ONE THING and the entire school will go apeshit. Make sure you find a secure group of friends you trust. The school system is flawed, I am so sorry for you if you have gone to this school such as I did.
“You went to Woodland Middle School? Damn... I am so sorry... if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here bud.”
by Want a sprite cranberry? November 05, 2019
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