To scathingly call out a public official, esp a Judge for asshattery.
Popehat woodchippers Judge Mark Mahon, Chief Judge of Florida's Fourth Circuit Court in Jacksonville for his arrogance and censorship
by tmmitsss July 23, 2015
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the act of ramming your wood into a vomiting female's anus, while simultaneously mimicking the "vrrrr" sound of a woodchipper every time you thrust into the anus; the inward thrusting should be synchronous with the vomiting
a girl in a skirt decided to yack through the window of my best friend's car, so i snuck up behind her and started the woodchipper.
by biganson November 21, 2004
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Any "doggy-style" penetrative sex, anal or vaginal (preferably anal), that is performed on the receiver as they are bent over the toilet vomitting. The effect is enhanced if it is a roaring vomit, and the pelvic thrusts are timed to coincide with each regurgitative evacuation.
Last night, my wife got very drunk and demanded that I make love to her. In the course of doing so, she became very ill, and interrupted our intercourse so she could throw-up. As I was incredibly worked up at this point, I marched right into the bathroom and performed the previosly elusive woodchipper on her as she went about her business. However, it was only vaginal.
by Woody Pase November 08, 2007
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1. One who steals the heart of many girls.

2. One who woodchips.
3. A woodchip -- an incredibly lovely guy
4. The stealer of a certain girl's heart.
Example 1:

Clara: "Erik is such a woodchipper. Every girl in our school is in love with him".
Example 2:

Mereda: "Alex is such a woodchipper. He is stealing everyone's heart"
Example 3:

Harriette: "Edward is such a woodchipper! He is the loveliest guy I've ever met!"
Example 4:

Avalia: "James is definitely my friend's woodchipper. She can't stand to be away from him for a second!"
by Clarediette February 28, 2010
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Putting your penis (wood) in the vagina doggie style while the girl is puking in the toilet
After a heavy night of drinking, I gave my girl the wood chipper while she was puking.
by shessy shoseph June 19, 2010
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