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Stands for "Words Of Our Culture" and features expressions and phrases used quite often even though many people don't even know the exact definition or where it came from.
The term Wooc was made up by the teacher Mr. T**** in a small school in Michigan. Pretty much every day he gives the students in his World history class a new Wooc and its definition. They also have to draw a picture that makes it easier to remember what it stands for. The knowledge of the words and their definitions is checked by Wooc tests and they are even a part of the final exam.
You're able to get extra credit if you find a Wooc word in for example newspapers, on TV or as a part of a conversation and prove it by filling out an extra credit sheet.
Examples are: Red tape, alma mater, scapegoat, nepotism, C'est la vie, Ivy leage, and dictatorship
A: Why do you always use me as a scapegoat?
B: Wooc!
by Germany92 January 09, 2010
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An acronym that stands for Way Out Of Control. It can be used as an adjective to describe anything, in any situation, that seems ridiculous. It can also be modified to be an adverb--woocing. However, it is not a noun...
Our biology teacher was wooc when she told us about her penchant for running naked through the woods like a deer.
OR: That bio test was so woocing hard.
by Billiken May 04, 2004
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