A person or organization (whose decision makers are) so intent on appearing to be supportive of "social justice" that any semblance of common sense or critical thinking has been abandoned. Woke Jokes will support any trendy social justice cause or organization, join any demonstration or boycott without considering the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident(s) giving rise to such actions. They view those not participating or simply suggesting more information be obtained prior to acting as misguided.
He sent $1,000 to the organization before even looking at its web page. If he had, he would have learned they are opposed to the type of business he owns--he's a total Woke Joke!!
by Travelingmankc May 2, 2021
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An overly enthusiastic, guilt ridden, compensating, virtue signaling, non ethnic social justice warrior who’s personal life is devoid of challenge, strife, racism, poverty etc and is in fact from wealth.
Showing up to the protest in your Daddies new Mercedes Benz clearly makes you a woke-joke!
by Ofashea March 5, 2021
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