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A term describing Australian-Italians who think they are "fully sick" who often run around in packs saying "fully sick" "uleh" "oh my god bro" "sick cunt" "check out my subbies" "kebab uleh" etc etc. These woglettes are extremely annoying to most australians as they think they are the best and have to rely on a whole gang behind them to be tough. They also have shit haircuts with random blonde spots dyed on their hair and they also have shit little mullets that makes them think they are "fully sick uleh". The term comes from the combination of the words wog and piglet meaning that they are not true wogs just piss poor excuses of wogs (just as piglet is a piss poor excuse for a pig). They also like to wear plastic clothing (eg Dada, Fubu, Kappa etc) and they also like to drive cars like VL Commodores and they can't speak properly, they have to put on a shit accent (just like poofters do!)....all in all woglets should be stopped right away
"Hey man, check out those woglets over there"

"haha yeah piss poor excuse for a wog"

"go eat another kebab ya shit cunt woglet!"
by stryka January 20, 2008
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