Is a variation of the traditional aussie term Bogan, which has become Bogie then Wogie. A wogie is like an uber bogan, wogies drink heaps of bundaberg rum, cheap and nasty aussie beer like Tooheys new and enjoy wearing singlets, saying "aaaah yeeeeh" alot and spend their weekends doing things like Mud Racing and the like.
What a wogie, did you see the state of his mullet. That was proper wogie behaviour, the way he has car parts all over his garden. Look at the photos of this remote australian town, thats proper wogieville that is.
by Dukeface May 02, 2010
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When something or someone does something so cool, everyone within a 10 mile radius turns and gets autism, forcing the to scream “Pogi Wogi!!1!!1!!!”
Ex1: Dude, that fucking coochie juice tasted fucking Pogi Wogi.
by cooCHEESE December 14, 2018
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the cutest most handsome attractive man ever wow so cute so UwU
dreams gogy wogy bogy ogy is very cute in a skirt
by scarysnail September 18, 2021
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used to mock people saying "my little gogy boy 🥺" if you use it Unironicly im very scared of you
someone: oh em gee is that gogy wogy pogy soggy my little hairy bean 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
by AH ITS QUINN <3 September 11, 2021
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