Otherwise known as introverted. These type of people usually keep to themselves. For the most part, people who are withdrawn need prompting to do something, but once they feel comfortable will be able to hold a conversation for more than 20 secs. Usually never do things first and have very few "confidants".

On the flip side, they can be very trustworthy and usually end up being great people if you can get past their natural barriers.
"Mark is such a loner. He never talks"

"What are you talking about!? He talks to me. Turns out he's pretty deep. I guess you could call him withdrawn... but not a loner."
by AnonymousLoner March 29, 2009
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Person always sitting in the back of the class in school, and not sharing table with anybody. Can have anything from ordinary shyness or lack of courage, to serious mental disorders like social phobia and schizophrenia.
In the first two cases, also called "pussy" in former Yugoslavia countries like Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia.
A: Why is this guy not talking to anybody? Why is he so socially withdrawn?
B: He is sensitive. He is good. Leave him alone!
by AsocialSurvival December 20, 2018
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College term for a class that gets cancelled for a semester due to insufficient enrollment by the semester's start date.

This does not mean the college has removed the class altogether. They still plan to offer it in the future starting the next semester (assuming they meet the minimum required enrollment by the specified date).
Greg: So how's music theory going?

Tom: It became a withdrawn course after only five students signed up for it. I'll just try again next semester.
by GaaraoftheDamned March 10, 2014
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